That Time of the Month…

I don’t know about you, but having chronic pain has made my menstrual cramps a thousand times worse than they were before. Sure, going on birth control has helped, and to be honest, I don’t want to ever experience that kind of pain in that region until I’m giving birth one day. Until then, whatever I can do to quiet the pain I will. From some trusted internet research I have discovered that a lot of women with lupus rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic pain related illness have the same problem. Or that the menstrual cycle itself is causing flares. Pain causes pain, I guess.

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What can be done about it? A lot of rheumatologists will advise additional drugs, or perhaps a higher dose of whatever you are taking, depending on the severity of the flares and if they are happening every month. Alternative include using that good ol’ birth control, to at least quiet the pain a bit (still doesn’t take it away though). Or chat with a naturopathic doctor about other alternatives, such as medical marijuana, magnesium bis-glycinate (natural muscle relaxant), and any other natural solutions. Menstrual cramps are bad enough for a lot of women anyway (though I know women who get virtually none, I’m not sure how they lucked out with that), and having chronic pain can just make them that much worse. Any tips anyone might have, please share. As with most things to do with chronic pain, it’s more about lessening it, as opposed to getting rid of it completely.

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Is this fair? No. Nothing about this is. It’s all about the attitude you take though. We know our little red friend is coming every month (unless you’re planning on getting pregnant, which I personally have no intentions of any time soon), so the best we can do is prepare ourselves. Not to worry about it though, just know when it’s coming, make sure we’re taking what we need to as far as supplements and medication, and keep that positive attitude shining through. Perhaps we need to call in sick to work, or maybe we can make it through the day with that smile we practice all the time. Luckily, we’ll make it through, because we always do. Because we are warriors.

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