Slips, Trips and Falls

One of the worst things that can happen when you have chronic pain is a bad fall (also one of the worst things that can happen to elderly people, for those of you who read this). They are sometimes hard to prevent, and yet we need to do everything possible to do so.

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Yesterday morning I was playing with my dog outside. He was being his usual cute and silly self, running around the backyard. There was a bit of fresh snow on the ground, but not much (and as it happens, it melted later that day). I fell… on my butt. I knew immediately that it was going to be a bad thing. And it was. Not right away but within a few hours (basically by the time I started my work shift), there was pain ripping through my body. My back, legs, even fingers. Attack of the pain for the next ten or so hours until I was finally able to get home and into a hot bath.


The plus side is that I feel quite a bit better today. And I will be heading to the chiropractor shortly. That brings me back to our benefits chat many posts ago. If you have them, use them. If you don’t, do what you can to take care of yourself. See the chiropractor, even once in awhile. Or physio or a massage (my next week plan). Any helps we can get with dealing with our chronic pain is so important.

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I had a bit of psychological warfare with myself yesterday too. I became so sick of being in pain and there being no solution for it, I found myself crying in my car on my way to work. So I say this, cry it out when you need to. There is no shame in crying. Once you have, you can move on. Remember that you are not alone, that you will have bad days and good days.


II will leave you with a quote from Stephen Hawking (RIP). It’s a good quote to live by. “Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”