Best Piece of Health Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

Whether you’re healthy or not, solicited and unsolicited advice about your health is something you can’t avoid. The peanut gallery always wants to pipe in, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Weeding out the good advice, from the bad advice, and the great advice from the good advice can be difficult though. It’s important to keep in mind who the advice is coming from, and what their qualifications are. Also, it depends on what source of advice you are getting.

IMG_1567Diet advice: kombucha (it really is amazing though)

Any time you reach out for advice, you’re more likely to take it. If you ask your GP or naturopath or chiropractor, you want their opinion, for them to give you something to try, in regards to whatever aspect of your health you’re trying to improve. Same thing when you buy a health, fitness or wellness magazine or read a blog like this. You’re trying to obtain the advice. The more difficult advice comes from people who have amazing intentions and just want to help. It tends to be more difficult to take that advice, and it may not always be correct, or work for you, just because it worked for them.

IMG_1615Self care advice: shower gels and body scrubs

That being said, you might be wondering, what’s the best health advice I’ve ever gotten? You are your own health advocate. Only you are responsible for getting answers.
This advice actually came from my mother. She got it from her gynecologist, before he retired. The reason I love this, is because it’s true. You know when there’s something wrong with your body, when something feels different or acts differently than it did before. I know I was in pain all the time when I went to my doctor. I knew his diagnosis was wrong when the medicine didn’t work. I know that every time I go see my GP or rheumatologist I have to make sure they know how I’m physically feeling, what’s changed, and that my rheumatologist should run tests every time, just in case something new pops up. I advocate for my health, because there is no one else to do it.

IMG_1577Mental health advice: puppy therapy (yes my dog was that furry before his grooming)

Diets are great. Exercise is important. All the health advice you get is with great intentions. You are the only one who can truly take care of you.

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  1. Have you experienced Reiki? I have had SLE Lupus and RA for 28 years. It seems like I’ve tried everything! Western Medicine has no idea what even causes this debilitating, life-shortening, life-threatening illness. Reiki was the first holistic treatment that actually helped me. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.


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