Running in Circles

One of the main problems with a lot of chronic illnesses, is that when symptoms appear it is nearly impossible for a diagnosis to be made. I’ve read hundreds of accounts of people suffering from pain for years before their (fill in the blank autoimmune, cancer, or other illness) was diagnosed. YEARS. Everyone heads to the doctor, usually their GP, who in turns runs tests, which then reveal nothing (or sometimes the wrong thing) and the patient is sent home.

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At some point you begin to feel like a hypochondriac, even though you know you aren’t. My last post, on being your own health advocate, hopefully resonates with you as it does me. Because the way our health care system is set up (at least in Canada) is that we have to ask for all the tests to be done, sometimes argue, and often beg. It’s not the fault of our GPs. They have general knowledge and are great at treating common illnesses. It’s just when something is more complicated, or seems to be lasting too long to be something ordinary, that problems arise.

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So what is the best course of action? When do you push and how often? Should we look into alternative medicines right away? There is no easy or right answer. If you aren’t happy with answers, then do your due diligence and seek them out. Try not to view yourself as a hypochondriac, even though it’s so easy to do. Take care of your body. Take care of your mind.

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