This Week…

So this week is both Mental Health Awareness Week, and National Nurses Week, both of which are near and dear to my heart. Both of which need to be talked about, shared and discusses. So here we go.

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Let’s start with mental health. There is still so much stigma around it. It’s amazing when actors like Ryan Reynold’s come out to talk about their anxiety and other mental health issues. It helps build awareness and it should make it easier for everyone to talk about. And yet, there are still so many people who think “I should see a therapist but what will everyone think of me?” The truth is, most people won’t blink an eye. And if they do, it’s likely because they need some education, or because they have their own fears around seeing a therapist, and what will people think if they do?! I have no problem discussing my anxiety and depression if I believe it will help someone else. I see a psychotherapist regularly, and have been inspired to become one myself. Everyone has issues they need to deal with, and things they need to talk about. You aren’t less than anyone else for having to deal with whatever you are dealing with, in fact, if you are taking the steps to seek help, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION.

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I love nurses. They are amazing and truly under-appreciated caregivers who have to deal with crap (literally), work stupid hours, deal with angry patients and their families, and save lives without breaking a sweat. Next time you’re in a hospital or at a clinic smile at them, remind them that they are appreciated, because they honestly don’t hear it enough. I know. My best friend is a nurse at a children’s hospital, and one of my parents’ best friends was a nurse for years at a major hospital in Vancouver. NURSES YOU ARE AMAZING.

And here’s penguin for you. Why? Because they are cute.

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