Off to Europe… Travelling with Chronic Pain

So once again I’m in Europe. This overseas vacation thing might end up being yearly, at least at the rate I’m going. This time I came with one of my best friends, so navigating travel with chronic pain is a little more difficult this time.

So how am I doing so far? A few reminders to her on our first night (last night) that I need a really good sleep so that I can make it through the trip, followed by a really good sleep! Though I have promised we can go out and party tonight. Which will no doubt be followed by another really good sleep.

A priority I made to myself this morning since I was up first anyway (and I knew I would be) was to do all my exercises and stretches before I start my day. Half an hour of exercise followed by a 10 minute meditation definitely made me feel great. Then I wandered out on the streets of Amsterdam, found a cute French bakery and bought coffee and chocolate croissants (yes I know, not the best for autoimmune but I’m on vacation).

How will the rest of the trip go? I guess we’ll see. But I’ll keep you posted with mini blog posts throughout!