Off to Europe… taking care of yourself in a city that doesn’t make it easy

I want to recap the rest of my Amsterdam adventure while I’m on the train to Brussels (I love taking the train, by the way. One of the best parts of travelling in Europe). Amsterdam, however, isn’t the easy city to care for yourself if you’re really experiencing it. This goes for everyone, not just those of us with chronic pain: HYDRATE.

The other day, both my friend and I definitely did not drink enough water. A glass in the morning and then headed out for a day of adventures. A few beers, a trip to a coffee house, and another beer later and I suddenly felt like death. My friend even said my face actually turned green. My stomach felt like it was on fire, and so did my head. Basically I had a lot of substances that dehydrated me, while not drinking water, and walking around outside all day. Not a good plan. Thankfully I actually recovered quite quickly and we were able to have a fun rest of the evening. I did drink two bottles of water rather quickly, which helped.

When beer costs less than water at a restaurant it is important to remember to bring a bottle of water with you and try to refill it whenever you have a chance. Travelling 101. You’d think we were beginners, but in this case just not too smart.

The rest of Amsterdam went quite smoothly. We both carried water with us the whole time (yay we learned). I continued to exercise and meditate in the morning. And even had a luxurious bath in a huge tub at our Airbnb. The key to travel is to stay safe and stay as healthy as possible! Next post will be from Brussels!