Why are we scared of doctors?

I have so many friends, and know so many people in their twenties and thirties who never want to go to the doctor. For anything. Or they kind of do, but they procrastinate and procrastinate and… wait that used to be me. I was literally having chronic pain for months and months before I went to the doctor. And realistically, the only reason I went was because work was on my ass for calling in sick “a lot” (10 times in seven months).

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I get it. Going to the doctor isn’t fun. But it’s sometimes necessary. If you’re feeling really ill, especially for a long period of time, or you’re in chronic pain or something just feels really off, it’s probably a good idea to go. I was chatting with a coworker the other day who called in sick one day because he hurt his arm playing soccer. It was still hurting him a few days later but he hadn’t gone to the doctor. Why? Because he doesn’t like going to the doctor so he tries to avoid it. I looked at his arm and it looked bad. Really bad. My advice, please for the love of god go get it checked out. He did, and got x-rays. He’ll likely be less prone to permanent injury because he went.

imagesDr. Nick, The Simpsons. Image from: https://www.reddit.com/r/cutouts/comments/56xyb0/cartoon_doctor/

I often hear from peers, the “maybe I’ll go to the doctor later.” If you’ve just said you’ve been feeling crappy the past few weeks I think we’re past the maybe! What is it about doctors that we are so afraid of? The wait times? Annoying but necessary. The personal questions regarding your health? Necessary and not even that annoying. The fact that they might actually be able to help you? I think that’s enough of a reason to go. Or maybe it’s because we all think we’re superhuman and don’t actually need to be helped? Sure for something like the common cold, or even the flu, I can see why most of us don’t bother, but when it’s something more cumbersome, it doesn’t make sense. We know we aren’t superhuman so it’s strange that we’d just play into that mindset.

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I’m sure some of you are thinking – I don’t like the doctor. I don’t believe in Western medicine. Or, there are great alternatives. I hear you and agree. Don’t go to a GP then! Go to a naturopath, or chiropractor. They may have some great alternatives. You may actually need to see a medical doctor for a diagnosis, but if you’d rather consult with another healthcare professional first, by all means, you should.  The point is, we should’t be scared of seeking help. How can we live our best lives if we aren’t feeling well? We can’t.