What to do with Contradictory Advice

There can be great benefits to seeing multiple different types of health care professionals, as I’ve mentioned in more than one previous post. They can take care of all the different parts of your health care needs from diet and nutrition to relaxation to pain management to your mental health and pretty much everything in between. Occasionally though, you might get some different advice from them. the problem then becomes sorting through the advice to see which is good and which is… well, not bad exactly, but not as beneficial for you. We are all unique individuals after all, and there is no “right way” for everyone.

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The most recent example that came for me started after my last rheumatologist appointment at the end of May. Since she’s at a loss for exactly what I have (yes, probably still lupus but no new symptoms to confirm that). Since we were discussing my knee and ankle pain, and she cut back my medication (as it was giving me severe abdominal pain), she suggested using braces to help stabilize the joints, hopefully causing some pain relief. Naturally, I went out and bought a knee brace to try it out. (The difficult part is deciding which knee to use it on!) The result, it does seem to help. Though a friend pointed out that it could also be the placebo effect kicking in.

banner-placebo-effectImage from: http://www.brainmindhealing.org/placebo-effect/index.html

The contradictory advice: When I was discussing my knee an ankle pain with my chiropractor about a month ago, he said that using a brace would make no difference. He gave me some exercises to strengthen those areas (my list of exercises grows by the appointment). Does that mean it is the placebo effect I’m experiencing with the brace? Should I buy an ankle brace too? Or just stick to the chiropractor’s suggestion of exercises? Would both be the best solution?

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I don’t really have the answers to these questions. I still use my knee brace – not daily but when I know I’ll be doing a lot of exercise or putting extra pressure on my knees for one reason or another. I think it helps. And even if it is just because it’s a placebo, maybe that’s okay. At this point, I’ll take anything that helps my pain. In the meantime, I do all the exercises both my physiotherapist and chiropractor give me on a daily basis, because exercise has so many benefits I’d be crazy not to!