Rheumy Visit Recap

A couple of weeks ago (between my bouts of cold/flu) I had my regular semi-annual checkup with my rheumatologist. The visits are for the most part what I’ve come to expect. She asks how things are, what’s been painful, if there are any new symptoms, etc. Then she does a physical exam and decides what blood work needs to be done (all of it – they literally took 5 viles again and a urine sample), plus if I need any MRIs or X-Rays (none needed at the moment). Then she writes some refills on my prescription (plus upped the dosage of Lyrica, because it’s a good pain fighter). Half hour is all it takes, then a quick trip down to the lab (which actually was surprisingly quick this time, I only had to wait 15 minutes). Baddabing Baddaboom.

IMG_0141That’s actually really legible handwriting for a doctor.

What was interesting about this appointment was that my rheumatologist was on fire! Let me explain.

  1. “I don’t want you working retail. I don’t think it’s good for you.” – Okay doc, but can you give me a prescription to get a new job? Aka, I’m working on getting into that Master’s program so hopefully I won’t be working retail much longer
  2. “If you’re going to work retail, I want you working less closing shifts.” – literally writes a doctor’s note saying I can’t close as often (which by the way my GM said was okay and has me down to closing only 2 nights a week as opposed to the 5 I was closing before).
  3. “If your pain is that high can you work?” Literally is ready to write sick leave for me. But I need to work to make money to live so I’ll survive.
  4. “The dry heat really helps you. You should move to Southern California where it’s warm.” YAAAAS but also can you write me a prescription for immigration? LOL
  5. “Okay so maybe move after Trump is gone.” Probably a better idea.
  6. “In the meantime use the sauna at the gym since you started working out (which is great).” Sauna it is. Plus my yearly vacation to Phoenix is coming up in February.
IMG_0028Waiting to get blood work is always a pain.

Lastly, i asked her about medical marijuana. As you may recall from some of my older posts, in the past when I asked her about it she said she “doesn’t prescribe that.” Plus she “doesn’t want it to interfere with my medications.” Well, let me tell you, now that marijuana is legal in Canada her response was totally different. “You don’t need a prescription, just go down to Apollo Cannabis Clinic and they’ll get you some.” LOL Seriously (plus it’s down the street from my work). “I think it’ll be good for you to try it. It might help you a lot.” I’m laughing as if I haven’t been using it for 2 1/2 years but also WTF? Very interesting indeed.

IMG_1257Poll: Should this be my future home? Reply to the post!

Overall it was still the best check up I’ve had. She’s still hard leaning toward a lupus diagnosis because my ANA count is always off the charts when she tests it but it can’t be an official diagnosis unless I have one more symptom (I have 3 off the list, just need number 4). Alas, we shall see what the next six months brings.