3 Days in the Life of Chronic Pain

So it’s Friday morning and I’m studying, not doing anything crazy and I start to feel a pain in the back of my hip, near my tailbone. Weird body pains are nothing unusual, of course, but this one is particularly sore and not a normal place for me to get this type of shooting pain. Naturally, I try putting heat on it. Doesn’t really help. I do some stretches, nothing. Weird and annoying, but again, nothing I can’t handle because, after all, I am a chronic pain warrior.

img_1240Life motto.

Around noon I decide that maybe I just need a bit of light exercise and head to the gym. Treadmill, so basically some power walking is my weapon of choice. Rather than making this pain better, it makes it worse. The only benefit is that I had already pre-booked a chiropractic appointment for later in the afternoon. If you’ve ever had any experiences like this, you know that will be my saving grace. But before I get there, I want to back track for a bit.

img_0377I might be slowly turning into a gym bunny.

About a week ago I started to feel a tightness and cramping in my left calf. Normal body response for most people when they need to stretch or drink more water. I drink a TON of water and I stretch daily. However, when this started, I did my best to increase water intake and do stretches more often throughout the day (like literally standing at the front of the store at work, stretching my calves). This feeling is still here, today, more than a week later, though it does seem to be slightly better today.

img_2368My water bottles even end up in my travel pics!

Back to Friday. I head to the chiropractor, tell him what’s wrong, he thinks it’s weird that it just started seemingly out of nowhere but again, this kind of thing happens when you have chronic pain and an autoimmune disease, etc. He’s used to it, I’m used to it, so let’s get to work and fix it. First he check my hips and even I can see in the mirror that my left hip is sitting way higher than my right hip (it’s my left one that’s in pain). Definitely out of place. The plan of attack: he massage my back, adjusts my hip, adjusts my upper back (my lower back was fine), and stretches out my hips. Voila! I feel a lot better! No more hip pain in that SI joint.

downloadImage from: https://goo.gl/images/Uh8RvP

Now, to be fair, I never mentioned the issue with my calf. For one, the more pressing painful matter was my hip. Two, I have an appointment with my physiotherapist on Monday, so I figured he could take a look at that.

calf-muscle-painImage from: https://causesremedies.com/calf-pain-causes-and-treatments/

Saturday afternoon, the subway has some major delay and is literally going to make me late for work if I keep waiting for it. I actually determine it will be faster for me to walk to work than to subway. Since I hadn’t gone to the gym (I wrote an exam in the morning), I decided I could use the exercise and walking it is! About half way through the walk, I feel it, the hip goes out of place again and the pain is back. I was fucking walking! And not even at a particularly fast pace. I get to work, silently suffer through the day with a smile on my face. Now I’m trying to figure out if I should try to see my chiropractor tomorrow as well (albeit, assuming they can fit me in as an emergency, I’ll likely be late for work) or just see what the physiotherapist can do (I know that any chiropractors reading this will tell me to go to the chiropractor, and this is likely what I will try to make happen).

physiotherapy-cmi-clinic-perineal-rehabilitationImage from: https://www.cliniquecmi.com/en/physiotherapy-perineal-rehabilitation/

More pressing is why has this started happening? If it gets fixed, will it continue to happen? And is the calf thing affecting the hip? I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but I’m frustrated. I don’t want to go to the gym (which I love) because I know it will make it worse. I have my staff holiday party tonight (yes, I know, it’s weird to have it in January) and being in pain will make it less fun.

fullsizeoutput_9e3Last year’s staff party pics! So much fun!

And thus, this is 3 days in the life of someone in chronic pain.