Broken Toe, Summer Please Don’t Go!

Hi all, sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’m finding it harder than I thought I would to balance keeping up a weekly blog while in school. Let me tell you, doing a Master’s is intense, especially when you’re working full time! I am going to definitely put in more of an effort to keep this blog up though! I actually just finished a really interesting self-study on autogenic training as an intervention for stress and work/school-life balance. I’m going to tell you a bit more about my results in next week’s post. My paper is due on Sunday. Two reasons I want to include it in the blog – first, for mental health (i.e., stress reduction), and second because it has been used for a variety of illnesses, including autoimmune diseases! Stay tuned.

As for this week, I’ll let you in on my current situation – broken toes. I am having a shitty summer when it comes to health. It really sucks because summer is my favourite time of year. All I want to do is be outside and hike and kayak and sit on a patio. Started off with strep throat over pride weekend, and now with my broken toes I’m limited. Yes, I can sit on a patio (sitting in my cute little back yard while I write this, the bonus of living in a basement suite). I can’t go hiking or kayaking or anything else that’s fun though. At least for the mean time. I also can’t go to work. I know that sounds like a blessing, especially since I often find working in customer service stressful. However, I’m a bit bored at home as I can only study for X amount of time per day. I also could use the money, since I’m down to 70% pay having used all my yearly sick time up months ago and am technically in Short Term Disability every time I call in sick. If the swelling is down so I can get some kind of normal shoe on I’ll be in tomorrow. Health and safety policies specify closed-toed shoes. Just give me a chair at cash and I’ll ring through sales all day.

9751F3D3-AAF2-4497-AFF5-350577E80081My foot!

How did I break my toes you might be wondering. Well, my old sick dog (he has diabetes and possibly a liver condition) was peeing in the living room, something he NEVER does. I went it and cleaned it up. As I was putting the cleaning supplies away, I heard him do it again. As I ran back into the living room, I crashed my foot against the wall. My two little toes are smashed up. The top and bottom of my feet are bruised and swollen. However, I don’t blame my little angel, because he’s my best friend and probably couldn’t help himself. I, however, should’ve paid more attention to the wall.

IMG_2960Backyard patio.

My plan for the end of the month is to visit my friend in Kingston. She’s super active like I am, and part of the plan was hiking and adventuring. Fingers crossed my toes are totally fine by then because I want this fun adventure with her!