Autogenic Training – Stress Relief, Symptom Relief?

Good morning Everyone! As promised, today I will be bringing you a quick recap of the self-study project I did for my most recent course. It was a Biopsychosocial wellness project that emphasized the safe and effective use of self. I realize that sounds like a lot but what I really did was use Autogenic Training, mindfulness relaxation practice, every other day for a month to see if it improved my stress levels, and to see if it helped with my work/school-life balance. I was literally asked by a coworker yesterday how I was managing to do a Master’s while working full time. “I bet you don’t have a social life, right?” she asked. Somehow I’ve managed to. Though a few of my good friends have moved outside the city so I don’t see them that often anymore.

IMG_2895Work-life balance (pre-broken toe)

I’m not going to bore everyone with the details – my hypothesis (which I vaguely explained above), the research literature supporting my hypothesis, the procedure, etc. Yes, this was designed like an experiment, and my paper was written like a journal article. Hopefully not as dry as many I’ve read. What I am going to share with you are the results. My stress levels improved by 8 points on the Perceived Stress Scale after 12 sessions of autogenic training. My work/school-life balance also improved by 4 points on the Work-Life Conflict Scale. Basically, mindfulness works to improve stress. Yay! I kind of new that already based on personal experiences, but it’s nice to have a little experimental backup. This isn’t to say my study didn’t have flaws, it did, but the feeling of being less stressed after a month of training is good enough reason for me to keep autogenic training as part as my mindfulness repertoire (already use meditation, deep breathing, body scans, and progressive muscle relaxation regularly).

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The cool thing about AT that I will mention from my research is that there is a large body of evidence that it helps with several medical conditions. From insomnia, to anxiety, to migraines, hypertension, and so forth. Relaxation is key, and autogenic training brings on a considerable amount of relaxation. If anyone is interested in more information. Please feel free to message me.

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