On the Worst Pain Days

I’m not sure why but the pain in my left hip and leg has been worse, much worse than usual, the past week or so. It’s made me step back again and try to figure out what I can do to help, maybe not get rid of it because that’s a bit hopeful, but decrease it. The obvious solution of stay home and rest may not really work because the pain is the same whether I sit, stand, or walk. Unless I’m lying flat on my back, there’s not much to give relief. However, I have found a few things that temporarily relieve it. Some old tricks of the trade to review.

Massage: I made my RMT focus on my leg during my bimonthly massage on Monday. I love massages from her in general. Though the effects didn’t last as long as I had hoped, the relief from the muscle pain (I’m experiencing muscle and nerve pain in that area) was greatly appreciated. Too bad my benefits had run out. But it was worth paying full price regardless.

12Image from: https://powerhealthchinook.ca/how-massage-therapy-can-help-soft-tissue-injuries/

Heat: Always a go-to for me because I find it helps most of the time for muscle and nerve pain. I’ve been using my heating pad quite frequently at home, and regular baths as well. though between the two, the heating pad is probably the most helpful, until I’m sweaty and too hot that is.

GUEST_7fca1149-e503-4513-98bc-41ec2f7dbf45Image from: https://intl.target.com/p/heating-pad-standard-sized-up-up-153-compare-to-sunbeam/-/A-51943879

Sleep: It can be hard to get a good night rest, especially when you’re in pain, but I find that the better sleep I get, the less pain I have. Coincidence? I think not.

downloadImage from: https://www.israel21c.org/sleep-vital-to-repair-dna-damage-israeli-study-finds/

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Though many different meditative/mindfulness activities are likely to help, I like this one because the point is to get your body to relax. And pain also temporarily disappears during it.

Progressive-Muscle-Relaxation-1Image from: https://www.thrivetalk.com/progressive-muscle-relaxation/

Marijuana: The medical kind, of course. The cannabinoid receptors in our bodies are there for a reason so we might as well use them. It’s known for pain relief and it works. However, I’ve found that the amount of CBD I’d need at the moment is a lot more than having something with THC in it. I was using 3 ml of CBD a day and it wasn’t helping but a few mg of THC product helps a lot (days off or night times only!)

Medical_Marijuana_Fotolia_162403035_Subscription_XXLImage from: https://www.pharmacytimes.com/publications/issue/2018/october2018/medical-marijuana-in-ohio

We are not at the mercy of our bodies because we can do things to help ourselves. It may not be a cure, and it may not be forever, but any temporary relief we can give ourselves is good for ourselves.

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