I was upset at first, and then I thought about it…

And I got over it. That’s a quote from a good friend. Actually, it’s more of a consistent saying. That being said, he usually uses it for not particularly significant disappointments. The beer he wanted is sold out, or the parking lot he wanted to use was full. However, I decided to borrow a page from his book last night when I found out my early Friday morning flight home to Winnipeg was cancelled.


Climate change is real friends. I lived my whole life in Winnipeg and have never seen a blizzard at the beginning of October before. One strong enough to cancel all incoming flights. Apparently strong enough to knock over my parents’ neighbour’s oak trees. Winterpeg, Manisnowba it is I guess. To say that the notification I received from Air Canada last night didn’t cause disappoint would be a lie. And then to find out the new flight they put me on was for 4pm on Saturday, which means I’d land there at 6pm, was not exactly a joy. In my knee-jerk reaction, I called Air Canada, got a lovely agent on the phone and he managed to get me on a 2pm Saturday flight… slightly better. He also suggested I go to the airport tomorrow at 10:30am and get on standby for the 12pm flight. That’s the current plan.


I was disappointed at first. Then I thought about it. And now I’m over it. I haven’t been home in 5 years. Thanksgiving alone is fine, but I’d much rather be with my famjam. Yes, I miss a day and a half of my trip, but it could be worse. What if they hadn’t been able to get me on a flight at all?! And I’ve been lucky enough to see my parents and siblings fairly consistently over the past few years. My nephews are who I’m really going home for. Snowstorm or no snowstorm.

WiygXyYATGWkru0Y%mBYHgTwo of my nephews in BC in the summer.

Though, speaking of snowstorms, I’m a little worried about what effect that kind of weather is going to have on my body. As soon as it’s even a little cold here my finger tips and knuckles go bright red (even in A/C, I swear). I guess my plan needs to be to bundle up and stay indoors.

8wnxBYFcSIm3YRN3yXkjJgI’m more of a summertime kinda girl. Winter can stay away please.

Sometimes how things are depends upon how we look at them. Whether its physical health, mental health, joys or disappointments, our attitudes have a lot of influence on our lives.