A few days in the life of pain…

Sunday when I awoke, I found it difficult to get up. Body pain was surging through me. Particularly my back (upper and lower), left hip and leg, and right ankle. Though pain in my knees, elbows, fingers and toes would all be apparent throughout the day as well. Clearly this is a flare. I threw out my plans of going to the gym for the day… though I somehow got myself downtown for awhile so I could do some Christmas shopping. Even then, walking around with everything hurting didn’t really make the day as fun as it could’ve been. I spent the latter half of the day in bed, watching Netflix (and Disney+) and trying to relax, using heat on and off.

IMG_4779I have fallen in love with Baby Yoda.

Monday, same thing. Decide against the gym. However, I had plans with my bestie to meet for breakfast. So I dragged myself to the restaurant, seemingly forgot about the pain for awhile as we shared a lot of laughs. Then I headed in for a massage. My RMT is literally amazing and 45 minutes with her definitely helped. Afterwards she told me that she could’ve spent 45 minutes on my neck alone and that I need to go back soon. So I guess i’ll be going back soon. After a brow wax appointment I had made the week before, I once again headed home to bed, heat and relaxation. (For those of you wondering, I did do a lot of studying these two days as well).

IMG_4781Spike is also unimpressed.

It’s okay, I was thinking this whole time. Why? Because it coincides with my semi-annual rheumatology appoint. This never happens. She never sees me in an active flare (minus my first few appointments with her over 3 years ago). And then this morning, as I’m getting ready to leave for the hospital… the hospital calls and my appointment is cancelled due to some sort of an emergency. I used a personal business day as always, and apparently this was not necessary. As much as I understand that these circumstances are out of my control… I actually really need an appointment ASAP. Two reasons: (1) if she sees me in a flare, I’m more likely to get a concrete diagnosis and/or maybe stronger medication; and (2) I need a doctor’s note for work. I know what brought this flare on. Crazy, insane hours. I get it, I work retail and it’s the busy time of year. But a 4am-2pm shift, followed by a 6am-3pm shift, followed by a 1:30pm-10pm shift is really hard on my body. Will I survive this holiday season? I’ll keep you all updated.