Into the world of Cupping

Last week, when I was at physio for some nerve pain in my arms, she asked me if I’d like to try cupping. (Technically first she asked me if I’ve ever tried cupping before, which I haven’t). Seeing as I’m always a believer in trying alternative medicine techniques I decided why not. I kind of new about it already, as my friend had asked me about it a month prior. She thought it looked like it would hurt and cause a lot of bruising (I’ve looked at pictures online and everyone seems to have bruises). But first had experience is always the best before making judgments so off we went.

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To be honest, it felt kind of weird at first. It’s like a little suction onto your skin. My physio rolled it back and forth along my arms. I was lying down so I didn’t actually watch the procedure. She did ask me if it was too painful. It wasn’t. Actually, it felt like the “good pain” of a massage. Where it hurts but also feels good and you know it’ll feel even better later. It was maybe 5 minutes on each arm (as we did a few other techniques which work well for me too). Luckily, I did not get any bruises.

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Long term effects? Well, again, like a massage, I was kind of sore the next day. But after a few days I did notice that the pain in my arms had lessened. Was it cupping for sure? It’s hard to say. Like I mentioned, it wasn’t the only procedure we did. However, it was worth doing and something I’d try again. Anyone else out there have any thoughts on cupping?