Learning, Growing, Healing: 2019 in Review

I believe that every day, every week, every month, every year, we have the opportunity to learn more – about ourselves, the world, and life – the opportunity to grow – as people, as individuals, as independent beings – and that we can heal – our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. We have the opportunity to do all of this, but whether we do or not is about choices we make. The past few years I have made it a priority to do all of the above. I have made choices to all of these things. Here is my 2019 in review.


I am strong, and independent, but can allow myself to think and feel how I do. The two aren’t dichotomous, they can co-exist. I can be strong and vulnerable, happy and sad, forgiving and wounded.
I received Mental Health First Aid certification in January, and then began my Masters of Arts (Counselling Psychology) in May. I have learned, and am learning how to help others in times of need.
I have traveled to the States (Arizona), to Central America (Costa Rica) and across Canada (British Columbia). As I travel I interact with local people, and learn about cultures, identities, and the world. I am open to learning and experiencing the world around me.

qNh8pSOiQ862lM5C28ZUTwSan Jose, Costa Rica – May 2019


I believe I can and should change. Change and growth go together. In moments where I don’t like my reactions, I work to change them. Growing isn’t perfect, but it’s necessary in order to make my life better, more meaningful, and even easier. I utilize friends, experiences, school, work, volunteering, and personal therapy to seek new ways to grow and become the person I truly am.

Growth is an interesting and important process.
Vancouver, Canada – August 2019


When you have an illness of any time, healing can be a difficult thing to think about, let alone do. And yet I have found opportunities to heal my body through the use of alternative medicines, like CBD, by building strength through going to the gym, and by pushing myself when I need to be pushed, and pulling back when I need to pull back. It’s not perfect and not a cure, but it can help manage the day-to-day.
Through this blog, doing guest posts on other blogs, and talking to friends, family, and others about life, experiences, illness, heartache, and so forth, I heal my heart and mind. Sharing provides a huge relief, and an opportunity to heal.

IMG_0475My motto encompasses learning, growth and healing.

I hope that everyone else’s 2019 was a place for learning, growth, and healing. If not, the new decade begins tomorrow. Have a Happy New Year! And be safe tonight!