Dealing with Brain Fog

So, I will admit that I don’t get brain fog too often. Maybe like once a month, usually at night, and it’s usually not too bad. It is one of the reasons that when I was working my rheumatologist gave me a note saying that I couldn’t work after 7pm (no one ever followed that rule exactly though, it would be 7:30 or 8 usually). However, on Monday I had serious brain fog.

The whole day felt off. I did yoga in the morning, then did school work, okay seemed fine. Went to a chiropractor appointment at noon. Still okay. Got home started to feel beyond exhausted. Checked the times for my discussion group for school – 7:30. Okay. Felt more tired (apparently I ran out of spoons really fast that day). Took a nap (I never take naps because they make me feel groggy) because I literally couldn’t stay awake. Got up half an hour later. Felt slightly better. Checked the times again for the discussion group – still read 7:30. Chill out for a bit, take a bath. Check the times again. Still read 7:30. Then 7:30 rolls around so I log in (after again just reading the 7:30 start time) and no one is there… Check the times again. It says 7:30 Atlantic time, 6:30 Eastern. Then I had a major anxiety attack and eventually got myself in the other group that night (discussion started at 9). I did feel a bit better later but geez was that whole day weird.

So what did I do between 7:30 and 9:00 other than freak out and join the other group? I did something that I wasn’t even sure was going to help but did a bit (not a lot but enough that I could actually participate in the discussion group). I played the piano. Music is great for the brain. In fact there are studies that suggest that learning to play an instrument can delay or reduce your risk of dementia. I purposefully picked songs that I knew how to play, are slightly complicated, and hadn’t really played for a long time. I forced my brain to work. Did I play them perfectly? No. I did play them well enough though.

Technically I only have a keyboard at my current place. My actual piano resides at my parents’.

To be honest, I’ve tried a few Google searches and there aren’t a lot of “remedies” for brain fog. Usually it’s just something Spoonies have to deal with, so either the day is a write off or you just sleep more or veg. I did find one article ( that offers a few ideas that I think I’ll try to keep in mind (though I’m pretty sure piano will be my go to). Making sure you are getting enough sleep at night (8 hours), manage your stress (meditations or yoga anyone?), not drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, doing exercises for your brain (puzzles, word games, piano), and proper nutrition (protein, fats, vegetables and fruits!). Okay so none of these are a cure but I’d be willing to try any and all if it means that the brain fog is even less bad in the future. In fact, probably doing a lot of this on a regular basis would help prevent brain fog (and as I mentioned I don’t get it often).

Disc golf counts as exercise right?

What are your thoughts on brain fog? Anything that works to help you? Comment or DM me on Instagram @janeversuspain.