Exercises for Chronic Pain: Lower Body

As usual I want to stress that I am not an expert or professional in the area of exercising, physiotherapy, or related fields, I’m just a chronic pain warrior who is sharing my own experiences with you when I find things that work! Please always consult your own healthcare team before changing up your exercise! Also, I want to point out that I do modify as needed. For example, I have a lot of pain in my knees when there is weight on them, however that pain goes away with cushioning (so I put a blanket under them for some parts of the workout)! Remember even minimal exercise can be helpful so don’t stress over what you can’t do just focus on what you can!

If you haven’t listened to my podcasts episodes, “Exercise for Chronic Pain,” with Dr. Frank Nhan, or “The Essentials to Health,” with Dr. Stephan Bohemier, and you’re interested in exercise for your chronic pain, it’s definitely the time to check them out.