Video: Daily Mindfulness – for physical sensations

Learning to make room for physical pain sensations has really helped me lead a more fulfilling life and has enabled me to do more of the things I want to do. A big part of this was utilizing my mindfulness practice to make room for these sensations. If you have chronic pain or a chronic illness that causes you sensations you don’t like, starting these types of practices can be very helpful for many people. That way you too can keep making the most of it!

Daily Mindfulness: An Acceptance Practice

Sometimes we use mindfulness as a way to help us cultivate acceptance. This can be acceptance of difficult emotions or physical sensations. We can do this by observing and acknowledging the painful emotion or sensation is there as if we were a curious child; breathing into the feeling; making room for it by expanding around it; and allowing it to exist. This practice, if done regularly, can help lessen the intensity and hold these have on you. I often use this meditation with clients who have depression, anxiety, and chronic pain or illness. It is based on Acceptance and Commitment therapy. Give it a try and let me know what you think. My full range of meditations is available on my YouTube channel. Keep making the most of it everyone!

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