Daily Exercise: Bicycling

Bicycling is often recommended as a good way to get some exercise, especially for people with certain chronic health conditions. It is generally low impact, and helps with cardio. I know when I use a stationary bike it’s sometimes hard on my knees, but that didn’t happen with the road bike I went out on. In general, I found it to be good exercise, something I could control in terms of how much effort I put in (in other words, you can choose not to overdo it), and was fun! Please consult with your healthcare team before starting any new exercise. Check out this podcast episode about the evidence-based treatments for chronic pain that helps explain why this type of exercise is important. Keep making the most of it everyone!

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Daily Exercise: Swimming

I’ve been wanting to do a post on swimming for quite awhile, but I hadn’t gone swimming in quite awhile! I went today and as always remembered how much I enjoy it, and why it’s recommended for people with autoimmune disease. If you’re able to include swimming into your exercise routine, or if you’re wanting to start integrated exercise and movement into your routine, this is a good place to start and I’ve found it’s great for me! As always, consult with appropriate healthcare professionals when starting or changing exercise.

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Until next week, keep making the most of it!

Daily Exercises: Chair Boxing

Hi Everyone! I’ve got a new limited mobility workout option for you that combines cardio and strength training. This was something I did (modified of course) during my initial hip recovery. As I’m still recovering it’s a great workout to have in my repertoire for days I don’t feel like I can do a lot on my feet. Make sure you consult with your healthcare team before starting a new workout routine! I’ll link the workout I did below. Enjoy!

Chair Boxing Workout

Have a great week and keep making the most of it!

Daily Exercises: Limited Mobility Cardio

My hip arthroscopy left me limited mobility for 6 weeks so I decided to find some safe ways I could still get some exercise in. Chair cardio is one of those ways! Make sure you always consult with your healthcare team before starting any type of workout and you can always modify to keep things within what is safe for you.

I like chair cardio workouts on Youtube by Paul Eugene but there are tons on there you can find!

Remember, exercise is one of the essentials of health! Check out my podcast episode about that here!

Keep making the most of it!