Daily Exercises: Chair Abs

That darn hip surgery may have prevented me from my normal routines but I adapted (safely). Make sure you consult with your healthcare team before trying any new exercise routine and please make sure to modify as needed (that’s what I did!). By the way, I managed to maintain my abs throughout the 6 week recovery through doing this and other similar routines found on YouTube. This one by Kym NonStop is my favourite but there are tons out there!

For the breathing abs exercise I mention, listen to my podcast episode with Tanya Walker.

Remember, keep making the most of it!

Exercises for Chronic Pain: Lower Body

As usual I want to stress that I am not an expert or professional in the area of exercising, physiotherapy, or related fields, I’m just a chronic pain warrior who is sharing my own experiences with you when I find things that work! Please always consult your own healthcare team before changing up your exercise! Also, I want to point out that I do modify as needed. For example, I have a lot of pain in my knees when there is weight on them, however that pain goes away with cushioning (so I put a blanket under them for some parts of the workout)! Remember even minimal exercise can be helpful so don’t stress over what you can’t do just focus on what you can!

If you haven’t listened to my podcasts episodes, “Exercise for Chronic Pain,” with Dr. Frank Nhan, or “The Essentials to Health,” with Dr. Stephan Bohemier, and you’re interested in exercise for your chronic pain, it’s definitely the time to check them out.


Exercises for Chronic Pain: Core

I have found that strengthening my body has helped a lot with chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I know that not every chronic illness warrior is up for this type of workout. When I started I went slowly, and added more exercises as I got stronger and found a general decrease in pain. It may not work for everyone but it certainly works for me!

Exercises in this video:

*front planks
*side planks
*jumping leg tucks
*one arm planks with knee touches
*abdominal cocoons
*bent knee leg raises

Exercise: One of Your Pain Friends

Hey everyone! I’ve got a video post again today. This time on exercise, and specifically core exercises, which are great for your hips! (Weird, I know.)


  • Exercise is great for combating physical pain and depression (can also prevent depression).
  • Strong core = strong hips
  • Start with shorter planks (45 seconds for front, 30 seconds for side) and work your way up.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional athlete, personal trainer, etc. Please consult with your doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or personal trainer if you are switching up or starting a new exercise routine.

Take Care!