5-minute Unguided Meditation with Intro & Outro

We’ve been doing some short guided meditations and mindfulness exercises together. Today I lead you off and take you out of an unguided meditation. Remember, having thoughts is okay. Just acknowledge them and let them go throughout this 5-minute exercise. It’s called mindfulness practice, because that’s what we do – practice. Starting with short exercises like these can help you make mindfulness a more regular part of your life.


By the way, all the video used in these practices is shot by me. This is the Niagara River as seen from the Niagara Glen Trail in Ontario, Canada.

Exercise Tip of the Week: Kayaking!

While on the one hand I can’t continue to emphasize enough how important exercise is for pain management, I also recognize that finding alternative, light exercises is a real need for many of us. I love kayaking because it provides this option. Also, apparently the size of your paddle changes what kind of workout you get. Shorter paddles are better for core muscles and longer are better for upper body! Regardless, I always take opportunities to just float for awhile. Gotta give the body some rest time while being outside!

I hope to get out at least 1-2 more times this summer. What’s your favourite alternative exercise option when it comes to chronic pain or illness?

Exercise for Chronic Pain: Hiking Edition

Another video post for you, here at Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto.

Hiking is an amazing way to get some exercise, even when you have chronic pain, because it can be tailored to your health and skill level. I personally can do (and love to do) moderate hikes. Easier trails may be beneficial for you though. Plus, getting out in nature is amazing for your mental health!