10-minute (mostly) unguided meditation

This video was shot at Lake Ontario in Kingston during a cold, rainy day in the summer.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these meditations. This one is mostly up to you. I chime in about half way to remind you to let go of any thoughts, but otherwise you are probably getting pretty good at these. Mindfulness has been shown to be very beneficial for both physical and mental health. I hope you’re taking care of yourself this holiday season, and always.

For more on the benefits of mindfulness, check out my podcast episode with Dr. Alex Triendl.

Keep making the most of it. ❤

5-minute Unguided Meditation with Intro & Outro

We’ve been doing some short guided meditations and mindfulness exercises together. Today I lead you off and take you out of an unguided meditation. Remember, having thoughts is okay. Just acknowledge them and let them go throughout this 5-minute exercise. It’s called mindfulness practice, because that’s what we do – practice. Starting with short exercises like these can help you make mindfulness a more regular part of your life.


By the way, all the video used in these practices is shot by me. This is the Niagara River as seen from the Niagara Glen Trail in Ontario, Canada.